Natsuki Otani illustration | hideaway love will be exhibited on the upcoming art exhibition in the Contemporary Art Gallery in London. All arts that will be displayed will be open to sale and each of the pieces of art will have the different prices, depending on the sizes, techniques and type of drawings. The whole exhibition is made with the goal of collecting money for the poor and therefore you can donate money without need to buy any piece as well. Still, the goal is to buy a piece and donate money and have a piece of art for yourself.

The event will begin on 26th August at 12PM and will last two days before it closes. The free drinks and meals will be provided for all visitors who enter the gallery and buy the ticket for the show. Also, the show will start by Natsuki Otani – freelance illustrator- with the brief introduction and a quick throwback on the last year’s event that was held at the same time, and at the same place. All the guests will also have a chance to participate in a small contest for the best illustration of this event, where they will be available to vote.