In case you are looking for ink portrait of a young Graham Coxon, you can find one here at this website. Natsuki had done many portraits throughout his career and he definitely did a great job with this one. Since Natsuki is a great fan of Blur band where Coxon did play for some decent time. The portrait is made completely by ink and it is available in several different forms and sizes, which means that you can get the one that fits the size you need. The huge portrait will be presented at the Secret Hideaway exhibition and the visitors will be able to buy one for themselves.

Since Natsuki is an experienced painter and designer, he devoted also a whole wall for Graham Coxon. The mural of Coxon will be presented on the exhibition so the visitors could admire Natsuki’s performances and skills. Also, Coxon should attend the exhibition as well, but that information is yet to be confirmed. In case he does, we can expect him to engage into the communication with the visitors, signing papers and taking pictures with fans. Yes, the mural art will presented by Natsuki alone, although Coxon will join him in case he shows up.

See Natsuki’s other commercial work here: