Here are some examples of good page layouts. All these pages use excellent typography, whitespace, and supporting graphics: Amazon: Nurse Calf Compression Socks Best for Everyday Use, ComproGear: Calf Compression Sleeves with Moisture Wicking, this vegan dha prenatal article, and the SmashGoods.com article about Etiquette During Dinner.

About Me

This site is the complete work of an experienced illustrator by name Natsuki Otani. “A record of my journeys, both physical and imagined” is his latest illustrated book where he explained his journey from the beginnings, to the point where he can accept and reject the offers. The book will also be presented in the upcoming Secret Hideaway en 2019 exhibition. The book will cost a fair price at the exhibition but will be free to download after this event.

Inspiring Sites

Here are some inspiring visual designs that have got me thinking lately. First is this vegetarian dha prenatal supplement bottle. I just love the label design on that one. Then there’s this loofah for men I just bought. You may or may not be able to see the box on their website. But the packaging is just perfect in my opinion for the following reasons. That company also sells a ‘wok’ and this pull-up bar. I have not purchased either to see what the packaging looks like, but I would guess it’s similar to their other products (and I would love it if that’s the case!)

Graphic design is just about my favorite thing, so please do let me know what you think of these examples…