The ArtRio is one of the Natsuki’s upcoming exhibitions that will be present his classic pieces of art, as well as some older works that he had never presented anywhere. The exhibition again has a single goal – collecting money for children that need funds for medical treatments and operations. Natsuki is known for his love and compassion towards the young children that grow up without parents, the normal environment and money, and therefore all money that is collected for the occasion will be used for financing these poor children. The ArtRio will also host some of the modern and contemporary artists and visual entertainers who are willing to help the poor children and support the whole exhibition.

ArtRio will be one of the first exhibitions were you will be able to vote for the best piece of art through the use of your smart phone, apart from the traditional voting way. Right upon the arrival, you will have an opportunity to download the app that enable you to vote for the best piece of art. Every download will also donate 5 GBPs for the children, which is another additional way to help them. If you like traditional voting, you will also have a chance to bid/donate on the piece of art you think is going to win.

See Natsuki’s other commercial work here: